Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious?

Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious?

Bronchitis and asthma are two of the most common respiratory disorders experienced by individuals. Bronchitis is a disorder of the lungs that occurs when the bronchi, or the air ways in the lungs, get inflamed due to a viral or bacterial infection. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic depending on its producing factor and severity. On the other hand, asthma can be a condition that develops when the airways with the lungs swell or perhaps get inflamed. The swelling and irritation leads to narrowing of the air ways that causes trouble in breathing. An individual suffering from chronic bronchitis and asthma suffers from a condition known as asthmatic bronchitis.

Remedies for Scratchy ThroatWhile it perhaps a symptom of additional diseases, there are many home remedies for scratchy throat, which will give you relief.


Gargling with saline water is the best cure. Steam 3 cups of water and also add 4 tablespoons of salt. Wait right up until this solution gets warm and then use it. Stand close to a sink and gulp some water. Tilt your head back, and also gargle by making air bubbles. Spit out the water and repeat with the rest of the solution. It will reduce the infection in your throat. You can repeat this Three times a day for better results. This treatment is a good choice for both children and adults.

Commonly Recommended Medicines for BronchitisWhen is Bronchitis Treated with Antibiotics?

The infection has been the result of a infection, then antibiotics maybe recommended to be used. However, if the affected person has no other health problems except bronchitis, then antibiotics may not be the first line of defense. A person's age, risk of problems and also all around health are some important factors that influence a doctor's foresight in prescribing antibiotics.

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  • Home Remedies

    Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder taken daily can improve the patient's problem to a large degree. One can consume turmeric powder by mixing it with milk. This treatment is more effective in fighting bronchitis, when patients have it on an empty stomach.

    An Overview

    The debate on pneumonitis vs. pneumonia can be carried out only after one knows each of these conditions individually. This table will cover points that assists one understand the difference between faith syndromes aspiration pneumonia and pneumonitis.

    As mentioned before, smoking is the leading cause for COPD and the first step in the treatment of COPD is smoking cessation. Doctors who treat COPD focus their attention on helping the patient to be able to stop smoking, because treatment would be ineffective in the event that the patient continues to smoking. Antimicrobials like Ampicillin and Amoxicillin usually are recommended to be able to patients in order that contamination in blood or sputum is cured. Patients with COPD complain of difficulty in breathing, as well as this condition can be debilitating, so physicians may prescribe Bronchodilators to ease the inhaling and exhaling process. There are a few other treatments and your doctor would be in a better position to decide which drugs will be ideal for you.