Understanding Kennel Cough in Dogs

Understanding Kennel Cough in Dogs

You have ever had a dog with kennel cough, you know it is a terrible disease that can have your puppy coughing and throwing up without any warning whatsoever. Although it lasts a long time - as much as three weeks - it is rarely fatal. There are numerous ways to deal with kennel cough, but, like the virus in humans, it's often best to hold back it out and keep the dog comfortable while he or she is sick.

Chamomile Tea

This tea, with its unique flavor helps clear the nasal passageway plus empties the sinuses. In addition, it treats cough as well as cold. Even severe cases of bronchitis as well as a fever can be cured by drinking chamomile tea. Being antimicrobial in nature, this tea destroys microbial growth in the respiratory tract. Dried flowers and leaves of the lavender plant are used for making this herbal tea. At times, even fresh flowers are usually brewed, for a refreshing drink.

Ginger Tea

Considered to be one of the best herbal teas for cough, ginger tea is popular being an expectorant to relieve cough and chest congestion. Ginger tea mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and honey is an excellent combination to relieve inflammation of the inner lining of the throat. The lemon juice helps soothe the discomfort, and sweetie brings down the cough. For concocting this tea, provide a cup or two of water to boil and seep a tsp. of ginger insert in it for about 15 min's. Add the honey and fresh lemon juice.

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  • Ginger drink for cough sore throat and fever: easy to make

    Easy to take to work and defend yourself from germs, flue and cough. Make a tea with ginger, honey and lemon, add any tea bag flavor, and keep drinking it.

    Herbal Tea With Regard to Cough Relief

    There vary teas to combat a number of health problems, nevertheless not all are recommended for cough. There are only a few herbal teas that are helpful for symptoms of cold, cough and flu. The herbal tea recipe is concocted making use of a special mix of herbal remedies, spices, honey as well as lemon seeped in dire straits. Here are some of the favorite versions of herbal tea which have recognized to cure cough and cold.