Smoking Weed Bronchitis: Smoking weed with bronchitis?;

Smoking Weed Bronchitis: Smoking weed with bronchitis?;

Guest over a year ago Yes, you can smoke marijuana if you have bronchitis, but it truly is a really dumb thought.:) You inhale deeply when you smoke marijuana and hold it in longer than cigs. Actually it is hardly good. Do not smoke it if you insist on using pot.

Lung Institute

Nevertheless, recent legal and medical improvements have established medical cannabis as an emerging type of treatment for a number of ailments including lung disorder. With your health in your mind, the Lung Institute is here to explore the relationship between Bud Use and Chronic Bronchitis and see how this emerging kind of treatment may be used to combat the disorder. The question remains as the subject of medical marijuana is explored as a form of treatment for lung disorder: how does grass affect someone who struggles with chronic bronchitis and chronic bronchitis? Although studies have demonstrated that the low rate of cannabis use (1-2 joints a month) can be valuable for those with chronic lung ailment, while habitual cannabis use (25 joints per month) can weaken immunostimulatory cytokines and in turn, weaken the immune system. Smoking pot, coupled with chronic bronchitis, often leads to a higher chance of developing a lung disease at the same time. But although THC is an authorized drug and has some beneficial aspects to lung disease symptoms, have THC merchandises does not automatically make up a safe form of treatment for individuals diagnosed with chronic bronchitis.

Marijuana Smoking Not Linked to Chronic Breathing Problems

Year-Long Study Finds No Decrease in Lung Function for Occasional Pot Smokers Jan. 10, 2012 - Woodstock generation, breathe easy. Among the longest and greatest studies ever to look at the effect of cannabis smoking finds that weed smoking doesn't appear to cause long-term breathing trouble. As more states legalize cannabis - 16 states and the District of Columbia enable its medical use - experts have stressed that bud smoking could also brings on the kinds of lung damage brought on by cigarettes. Indeed, cigarette smokers in the study saw their lung function fall considerably over 20 years. In reality, the study found that the lung function of all bud smokers really improved slightly over time.

My second post, COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis and Bud Treatment (4 23 2009), says that tobacco caused 100. COPD associated deaths per year. My fourth post, Asthma Therapy Marijuana vs Corticosteroids, and Beta Agonists (3-9-2%2013013) continued the story of these diseases and their drugs. Of these, my fifth article, COPD, Asthma and Bronchitis (3-23-2013) got the most facebook "advocates" (155) but considering the amount of patients with these kinds of respiratory diseases, I determined to shoot the works and try and put this all together.

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