Bronchitis Cough Up: Difference Between Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis

Bronchitis Cough Up: Difference Between Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis

The human respiratory system consists of anatomical structures that act as passageway for inhaled air. The air that we breathe in, flows through the nasal passage and travels through the pharynx, larynx and the trachea. The trachea or the windpipe branches further into the right and left bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes branch out into smaller branches that are called bronchioles. Clusters of tiny sacs, also referred to as alveolar sacs, are located at the end of the bronchioles. These sacs are surrounded by thin-walled capillaries.

The oxygen from these tiny sacs is passed on into the capillaries, while carbon dioxide from the capillaries is released into the sacs, and is then exhaled out. While the air supplies us with the life-giving oxygen, there are unwanted environmental irritants, allergens or pathogens that we may inhale. Inhalation of these substances can cause inflammation of the airways. The terms 'bronchitis' and 'bronchiolitis' refer to the inflammation of the bronchi and bronchioles respectively. Now that you have a basic idea about the anatomy of the respiratory system, let's learn about the difference between bronchitis and bronchiolitis.

Depending on the seriousness and duration of the infection, viral lung contamination symptoms may be classified accordingly. Since the lungs are exposed to pathogens, pollution, harmful fumes and so forth. they are susceptible to various infections and problems. As soon as the virus makes its way into the lungs with the nostrils or mouth, it thrives in the lungs and with its development can cause viral lung infection. Despite the fact that this kind of infection is common in the course of winter months, herpes also breeds in other seasons. The microbes strike the alveoli of the lungs and can lead to inflammation of the lung tissue. A failure or lapse in treating viruslike lung infection can lead to organ harm, which may be irreparable and also prove to be life-threatening.

  • Scarring of the lungs is the replacement of lung tissues by fibrous ones, which prevents the inhalation of oxygen.
  • The higher the degree of severity of the condition, greater the difficulty experienced by the victim while breathing.
  • Scarring affects the effective functioning of the lungs.
  • A number of cases have dilated the possibility of lung scars resulting in permanent loss of transportation of oxygen to the lungs.
  • Let's first look into the symptoms of this lung disease.

Bronchitis Symptoms - And How to Know it's Not the Flu!

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  • Bronchitis is often a respiratory condition in which the air passages (bronchi) that connect the particular windpipe with the lungs get inflamed.
  • The inflammation, ensuing due to an infection (viral or bacterial) disrupts normal airflow inside lungs.
  • Infants who are between 6 months and a pair of years of age are at risk of developing bronchitis, particularly in the months of winter.
  • It's observed that when common cold in infants is not treated correctly, it can result in bronchitis.
  • One of the most common risk or side effect that can occur in people suffering from whooping cough is secondary infection.
  • The infection in the lungs can worsen and lead to bacterial pneumonia.
  • You must be aware that pneumonia of any kind can be serious and life-threatening.
  • Therefore, more than 50% of the cases of the total number of deaths caused due to whooping cough, are caused due to bacterial pneumonia.
  • It should be noted that the effects of bacterial pneumonia are more pronounced and severe in babies and children.
  • Chest Pain: Tightness in chest during the course of infection, can make the child quite uncomfortable.
  • Incessant coughing is primarily responsible for chest pain

Apart from that, Some Medicines May Cause Complications in the Mother

It has been observed that, certain medicines induce labor and bleeding. Sometimes, both the fetus and the mother may get affected. In short, wrong medicines can have effects, which can range from mild to severe, and even fatal. An ordinary person without any sound knowledge of medicines, may find it difficult to choose a pregnancy-safe drug; especially for common medical conditions, like cough and cold.

  • Coming to medicines, as most cases of bronchitis is a result of a viral infection, medicines do not come of any help.
  • Herpes would simply run its course and self-resolve within a couple of weeks.
  • But to relieve the signs, cough suppressant may be used, but only when the cough is actually keeping the child from resting.
  • Cough medicine that contains suppressant inhibits coughing, thus keeping the mucus trapped in the lungs.

OTC Tablets

For adults who are experiencing pain and burning along with scratchy itchy throat, take a painkiller like ibuprofen or aspirin. However, if you get scratchy throat due to some allergy, then consider taking an OTC antihistamine.

  • Drink Plenty of Fluids Keep drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day.
  • Be it soup, tea or plain water.
  • Drinking lots of fluids will keep your mouth and throat moist and prevent further irritation to the throat.
  • High Body Temperature: This respiratory problem can also bring fever.
  • In addition to raised body temperature, the infant may also suffer from headache and overall weakness.

Use of Cough Drops During Pregnancy

Cough and cold are only minor health problems, which may sometimes subside without any treatment. However, persistent and forceful cough may lead to miscarriage or may induce labor. If you can manage without medicines, well and good. Otherwise, go through the ingredients before consuming any cough medication. In general, cough drops with dextromethorphan and guaifenesin are considered safe during pregnancy. A combination of both can also be used. Cough medication with pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine may affect the blood flow to the placenta.

  • Treatment The doctor will decide the treatment plan depending upon the type of infection responsible for causing infant bronchitis.
  • In case of a bacterial infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to relieve the symptoms.
  • However, as a viral infection cannot be treated with antibiotics, the best option would be to take certain precautions to ease the symptoms.
  • As a summation of the above, remember that viral bronchitis is caused due to the same virus that causes cold and flu.
  • Therefore, if suffering from these conditions, you should get them treated immediately in order to prevent viral bronchitis.
  • Coughing at NightCoughing at Night Cough is a mechanism by which the body is able to throw away unwanted particles that have entered the throat and the lungs. One may experience intermittent bouts of coughing any time during the day, and is considered to be a protective response of...
  • Benefits of Taking Herbal Tea

    A number of benefits of herbal tea can be availed by the consumption of this beverage. Herbal tea can be used as a remedy for dry as well as wet (or productive) cough. Here are some of the positive effects of taking a cup of herbal tea. These herbal teas can also be given to children. Sipping hot herbal tea and inhaling the steam emanating from it, helps control the symptoms and also speeds up the recovery time of this respiratory illness.

    • Precaution Make sure that the room is well ventilated.
    • Installing humidifier will also help as the unit keep the air humid and moist.
    • Thus, breathing moist air to the inflamed lungs can provide a large amount of relief.
    • Feeding the actual infant together with plenty of liquids can help to loosen up the mucus, thus which makes it easier to get rid of through coughing.
    • Using saline drop after consultation with a physician can be helpful to relieve chest congestion.
    • To be able to strengthen the immune system of the infant, to be able to combat infection efficiently giving breasts milk is actually recommended.

    Medication Regarding Bronchitis

    When it comes to treating bronchitis, drug therapy emerges as one of the most effective treatment plans. Though one can buy bronchitis medication over the counter, it certainly is better to use drugs that have been approved by the doctor. This way, one can lower the risk of side effects that may be associated with an overdose or any adverse drug interactions. As soon as a thorough medical checkup has been carried out, and also the patient's health background has been studied, a combination of drugs may be prescribed by a doctor to be able to alleviate the particular symptoms of bronchitis. When it comes to medicine alternatives, the class of drugs that may be prescribed would depend on the type of bronchitis and the severity of the symptoms of bronchitis. If the inflammation is caused because of pathogenic contamination, there is a need to identify the causal organism. The treatment approach generally is pointing to. Given below are the types of drugs that may be prescribed.

    Influenza (Flu)

    Influenza (flu) and common cold are often confused with each other and also utilized interchangeably, as a result of their typical signs and symptoms. But, there is a difference between the two. Although itches throat can also be observed in case of flu, the cough is actually non-mucus generating and dried out.


    Apart from the over-the-counter medications and prescription medications, homeopathy could be beneficial for the treatment and cure. Homeopathic treatment should be used to treat dry cough in children as it is free of any side effects. The homeopathic medicines that are consumed include sulfur, rumex crispus, nux vomica, pulsatilla, ipecacuanha, bryonia and ferrum phosphoricum.

    You may engage in: If these remedies fail to work also well for you and there is no substantial improvement in your state, you must: With these kinds of remedies, you can be prepared in order to counter the complexities and symptoms of barking cough. Mentioned above previously before, barking cough in grownups is actually a smaller amount prevalent; however, it's possible to not rule out the strength completely.

    Licorice Tea

    The ancient health beverage of the Chinese herbalists, Greeks and Romans, licorice is also another reliable home remedy to get rid of cough and cold. Having demulcent and expectorant properties, licorice tea aids in the expulsion of the phlegm from the respiratory tract, while soothing the sinus cavities and throat. Licorice tea is especially good for productive cough. Seep the roots in boiling water for about 10 minutes and strain it. You can add a sweetener to the beverage if you don't like the strong flavor.

    Influenza Common cold and cough elevate and result in the neck to have scratched, thereby leading to irritation in the throat. Once the throat is irritated, that leads to the person getting a constant desire in order to cough with the result that the bouts of cough become severe in order to withstand.

    Causes A cause that is regarded as the culprit in producing a croup cough is the inflammation of the larynx and also the trachea. The larynx as well as the trachea get swollen due to viral infections. Parainfluenza trojan is found to be afflicting the actual trachea and leading to this in order to swell up with redness and heaviness felt in the neck. Other factors behind barking cough are usually because follows:

    Recovery Time DetailsThe recovery period for pneumonia depends on a variety of factors, the most obvious one being the immunity of the affected person. There are certain medications that are available in order to combat this illness, but these should not be administered without the consent of a doctor. Viral pneumonia will not respond to antibiotics, but bacterial pneumonia can be cured by the use of antibiotics.

    Dry drowning is a serious health condition wherein internal drowning of the lungs is caused and should not at all be ignored. Unfortunately, it is a condition that is not known to many. However, after the incident of a 10-year old boy from South Carolina on June 1, 2008, who was supposedly a victim of dry drowning, people are wanting to know more on this fatal condition. Parents and guardians need to take additional care when their babies are in contact with water. Older children too should be watched when in the pool, or near any large source of water. With this article, let us try to understand the term dry drowning, and the symptoms one should be on the lookout for to save their children from suffering due to this silent killer.

    • Rest Sore throat can be caused due to muscle strain.
    • It happens when you have been talking loudly for a long time.
    • In such a case, just rest and avoid talking.
    • After resting your throat, you will notice the scratchiness and hoarseness of the throat has reduced.

    Bronchodilators: Bronchodilators reference drugs that unwind and also dilate the airways, and allow the air to pass through the bronchi to the lungs. The bronchodilator medicine may be converted into air through a nebulizer. Albuterol, levalbuterol and ipratropium bromide are some of the nebulizer medicines that may be used for the treatment of bronchitis, asthma or other respiratory problems that may cause shortness of breath.

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