Acute Bronchitis Is It Contagious: Is acute bronchitis contagious?

Acute Bronchitis Is It Contagious: Is acute bronchitis contagious?

Some people, especially people that have asthma or chronic bronchitis, acute bronchitis may not be as contagious, in accordance with Mayo Clinic. According to the American Lung Association, acute bronchitis can last from a couple of days to 10 days. On the other hand, the cough caused by acute bronchitis can last for several weeks following the disease.

Is Bronchitis Contagious? the Answer May Surprise You!

Lot of people presume that bronchitis is not contagious, but that isn't always true, because not all bronchitis has the same cause. Chronic bronchitis, which is a long-term ailment, is generally due to continued exposure to something which irritates the lining of the airways. Because chronic bronchitis is caused by long-term aggravation in the lungs, it is not contagious and cannot be spread to others. So if coughing or difficulty breathing appears not better than that generally due to chronic bronchitis, be cautious in case a contagious variety of bronchitis is also present.

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Is Bronchitis Contagious?

Bronchitis makes you cough -- a lot. There are two kinds of bronchitis: The first few days you're ill, it will probably be hard to tell if you've got a "regular" or bronchitis. But if you keep coughing for more or a week after your other symptoms are gone, you might have bronchitis. Generally, you will be infectious for a few days, and maybe as long as a week. Since you may not understand what kind of illness you have -- since there are hundreds of them, and physicians don't examine for individual viruses -- it's best to assume you could spread the disease while you've cold symptoms.

Acute Bronchitis

Virus causes most of that time period, acute bronchitis. Influenza (flu) viruses are a typical cause, but many other viruses can cause acute bronchitis. Flu viruses spread primarily from person to person by droplets produced when an ill person talks, sneezes or coughs. Flu viruses also may spread when people touch something with the virus on it and then reach their mouth, eyes or nose. To reduce your risk of catching viruses which can cause bronchitis: Individuals who have asthma or chronic bronchitis occasionally develop acute bronchitis. This kind of bronchitis isn't caused by an infectious virus, so it's not as likely to be contagious.

What Is Bronchitis?

What Is Bronchitis? Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from your lungs. People who have bronchitis often ...

  • Bronchitis itself is not contagious.
  • In case you are in the same environment as the person, you may even develop bronchitis, but not because it's contagious.