Homeopathy Bronchitis: Dry Cough at Night

Homeopathy Bronchitis: Dry Cough at Night

Dry or wet cough is not a disease but a symptom of some other medical conditions that might affect the body. It may interfere with sleep, and daily functioning of the affected person. In most cases, a dry cough (also known as a non-productive cough) usually worsens at night.

  • Mix 5-10 grams of donkey-hide gelatin in hot water.
  • Let the mixture cool down, and drink.
  • You can also use wine, instead of water.
  • This is a traditional Chinese home remedy used to relieve dry cough and other common illnesses.
  • Allergy to molds can also cause this health issue.
  • Dust mites and molds have a higher degree of infestation, especially during winters.
  • Dust mites are spider-like creatures that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • They are found predominantly on bedding.

Bronchitis Acute, Chronic. Rajendra Tandon videos. Homoeopathic Remedies.

Acute bronchitis develops suddenly and is common. Antim Tart 1000 and Bryonia 200 provide fast relief. Look for hacking cough and pain in ribs on coughing.
  • Moreover, as pregnancy progresses, the child develops and also starts occupying more space, pushing against the diaphragm.
  • This confines the lungs to a smaller than normal space, decreasing their capability.
  • This causes even normal inhaling and exhaling to be uncomfortable for women.

Home Remedies

Salt and Warm water Gargling: This remedy is very effective and is frequently recommended by doctors. This remedy is suited to adults and children. Boil two glasses of water in which 4 tbsps of salt has been added. Wait until the solution is lukewarm, and then gargle from it. Repeat this remedy twice daily - morning and evening. This kind of remedy does not have any side effects, so you can gargle if you tend to be troubled by cough and scratchy throat. This treatment operates great for enlarged tonsils too.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

In a majority of cases, viruses emerge as the normal causal microorganisms responsible for causing bronchitis. Serious bronchitis is signified by a rapid onset of certain symptoms that resolve within a couple of weeks. On the other hand, in case of chronic bronchitis, the signs and symptoms may last up to four months. The signs of acute bacterial bronchitis include a sore throat, runny nose, yellowish-green sputum, chills, wheezing, lumbar pain, malaise, temperature and also fatigue.

Because the the signs of bacterial bronchitis are similar to those experienced in the course of cool or flu, certain diagnostic tests would be required in order to formulate an analysis. The tests that doctors rely on for bacterial bronchitis prognosis include sputum analysis and also sinus tradition. These assessments can help in discovering the nature of the infection plus aid in the identification of the microorganism that may be responsible for causing chlamydia. Chest X-ray and blood tests may also be performed in order to assess the effect of this infection on the lungs and the overall health of the patient.

  • Lobelia Lobelia is the Indian tobacco, which is a highly toxic herb.
  • Therefore, it is always recommended in very small doses.
  • It is used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and severe coughing.
  • When one develops bronchitis, it can be in an acute form occurring due to a bacterial, or viral infection.
  • It is mostly a viral infection, and hence, antibiotic therapy is not of much use.
  • Pneumonia, on the other hand, can occur due to a variety of factors.
  • It can either be community-acquired infection, or a nosocomial infection.
  • It, generally affects immunocompromised individuals, like children, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.
  • The main causative agent of pneumonia is the bacterium called Streptococcus pneumoniae.
  • Symptoms One of the most distinguishing signs of bronchitis will be expectorating cough which produces excess thicker, yellowish phlegm.
  • The other symptoms include:
  • Tonsillitis: In tonsillitis, the tonsils (present at the back of the throat) become inflamed.
  • One of the common symptoms of tonsillitis is sore throat.
  • Other symptoms contain trouble in swallowing, fever, tickly or throaty voice, and stiff guitar neck.
  • In the event that tonsillitis is due to infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.
  • As well as that, the doctor will also recommend some cures like salt-water gargle, rest, lozenges, and also consuming warm fluids.

GERD: GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is another reason for sore throat. GERD will be brought on by the backward movement of stomach acid to the esophagus. Esophagus is connected to the mouth and hence might get irritated. Lifestyle changes such as following a good diet and keeping away from smoking can help to reduce the the signs of GERD.

  • Fenugreek Fenugreek seeds are rich in mucilage, lipids, and protease inhibitors, and is used to treat sore throat.
  • It also helps to remove mucus and phlegm from the air passages.
Recognizing the symptoms is one of the first steps to effectively handle this particular viruslike infection. Timely medical intervention can help reduce the intensity of the viral lung infection as well as pave means for a faster recovery. Take care!

Other Causes

Other conditions associated with a nocturnal dry cough or a dry cough that aggravates at night include: Self-Care Measures Treatment of dry cough depends on its underlying cause. That is why, it is crucial to determine what is causing the cough, and take appropriate measures for treating it. Apart from following a doctor's advice, the following self-care measures can be taken to reduce discomfort and manage the symptoms.

The mode of treatment may vary with the health condition of the baby and the symptoms. Although mild cases may diminish with no treatment. All that is needed is proper rest and also good intake of warm fluids. Provide the baby with a clean and warm atmosphere and prop his head track of pillows, so as to help make breathing easier. Usually, expectorants, a bronchodilator inhaler and drugs for decreasing temperature are usually recommended for dealing with bronchitis in babies. While expectorants are used for thinning and also loosening phlegm, bronchodilator inhalers help to open in the inflamed atmosphere passages, thereby relieving symptoms like wheezing and inhaling and exhaling trouble. Nose saline solution may be recommended for relieving overcrowding of the nose. Fever can be lowered with acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and so forth. While, cough suppressant may be used in the event with extreme cough, it is not typically recommended, since it will prevent refraining from phlegm.

Given below is a labeled diagram of the human lungs as well as a brief account of the different parts of the lungs as well as their particular functions.

  • The respiratory organs of the human body facilitate the act of breathing, which is a process that is vital for the tactical.
  • The organs that work in tandem to facilitate the act of breathing in include the nasal passing, pharynx, larynx, windpipe, bronchi and the lungs.
  • I want to give you a basic idea as to how these organs function.
  • The air that we breathe will be taken by the windpipe or the trachea, which in turn, bifurcates straight into two bronchial pontoons called bronchi.
  • These types of tubes take the inhaled atmosphere to the lungs, in which they branch into different smaller airways called bronchioles.

The Bronchioles Branch Straight Into Tiny Alveolar Sacs

It is within these sacs that exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs. Exposure to environmental contaminants in the air or breathing of pathogens could cause inflammation of some of the components of the respiratory system as well as result in respiratory infections for example bronchitis or pneumonia. The word bronchitis refers to the inflammation with the bronchi. If the inflammation of the bronchi is caused by bacteria, one is diagnosed with bacterial bronchitis. Given below is some information on bacterial bronchitis signs and symptoms together with its causes and treatment options.

You can even boil 3 cloves of garlic in a glass of milk and drink this every night. You can even grind 100 grams of raisins with water and also add 100 grams of sugar to it. Warmth this kind of mixture till it acquires a sauce-like consistency. Take about 20 grams of this raisin sauce every day before heading off for the day.

  • Honey & Pepper: This is another great remedy which instantaneously soothes the throat.
  • Require a tablespoon of honey in a bowl and sprinkle some black pepper on it.
  • With the help of the spoon consume the mix slowly.
  • One can get scratchy/itchy sensation in the tonsils because of a minute allergy or as a result of a serious condition like tonsillitis.
  • However, in most cases one can find relief by opting for simple remedies.
  • Here are the possible causes behind cough and scratchy throat and easy home care measures to reduce the severity of the problem.
  • Treatment If you observe any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should immediately see the doctor.
  • A chest X-ray works well for figuring out respiratory disease in people.
  • The treatment differs according to the type and underlying cause of bronchitis.
  • Just in case the infection will be caused because of bacteria, antibiotics are going to be used.
  • In the same way, taking total rest, drinking large amount of fluids, and using vaporizer may help in treating viral cases quickly.
  • The doctor will suggest treatment to treat other accompanying signs like cough, fever, chills, and so forth.
  • On the other hand, chronic bronchitis treatment involves using Bronchodilators, medication, steroids, treatments, and so forth.
  • Bacterial infections are more common than viruslike or even fungal kinds, and are treated with antibiotics.
  • Viral ones do not need any medications.
  • They get healed on their own after running their own course.
  • Invasion of lungs by infectious bacteria can cause serious health problems.
  • Those who smoke are more likely to suffer from such infections.
  • Barking cough is a condition in which the individual is inflicted with cough that is harsh and dry in nature.
  • It is due to the dryness the sound is emitted when the individual coughs.
  • It has been documented that barking cough in adults is a clear case of rarity, instead it is all the more prevalent in children.
  • However, one must be aware of what causes barking cough and what are the signs and symptoms of the same.
  • Drink a lot of Fluids: Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  • Be it soups, herbal teas, or plain warm water.
  • Drinking lots of fluids will thin the mucus and make coughing up white mucus easier, also it will decrease the span of infection.
  • Tension pneumothorax is a life-threatening condition which, if unattended, may even lead to death.
  • One must, as a result, consult a doctor immediately on experiencing the previously mentioned signs and symptoms.
  • A timely diagnosis and treatment will pave the way for a speedy recovery.

What is Chronic Bronchitis?

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a collective group of lung diseases, that impede the respiratory system. An estimated 12.1 million People in america have some form of COPD. The three main conditions of COPD are chronic bronchitis, longterm asthma as well as emphysema. The word "chronic" is used here, to denote these conditions are usually permanent, and may even worsen with time. The bronchi would be the airways that allow for air passage into the lungs.

When these kinds of airways are swollen or perhaps swollen, the passing itself constricts and will become narrower, so a smaller amount air can pass through into the lungs. This sort of inflammation also produces sputum or perhaps mucus. The mucus adds to the obstruction of the airways, and can cause severe bacterial infections in the lungs. Treatment plans, on a whole, will be called chronic bronchitis.

  • Bell Pepper: Bell pepper is a natural expectorant.
  • So, add it to your diet, and try to eat at least one meal in a day which has bell pepper in it.
  • It will help to thin out the mucus, and it will be easy to cough it out.

Treatment The treatment depends on whether the pneumonia infection is bacterial, viruslike, or yeast, and also on how severe it is. Bacterial infections are usually cured by taking the full course of prescribed antibiotics according to the instructions of the doctor. Antibiotics usually are ineffective against viral infections, but can usually be remedied merely by taking rest at home for a few days. Fungal infections are cured with the help of antifungal medications. So that you can take care of the pneumonia symptoms like fever, soreness, and cough, some over-the-counter medicines may be prescribed to deliver comfort and rest. If the symptoms are extreme, stay in hospital might be suggested, exactly where antibiotics may be administered intravenously, as well as o2 therapy may be given. Furthermore, a few respiratory treatments may also be done, if necessary.

Antibiotics: Heavy smokers or people who may be exposed to chemical fumes or other irritants are highly susceptible to chronic bronchitis. Given that excessive production of mucus or phlegm as a result of chronic bronchitis may provide the bacteria the ideal conditions needed for their own development, antibiotics will often be prescribed for those suffering from chronic bronchitis. Antibiotics aid in destroying bacteria plus control the growth of bacteria. Azithromycin, amoxicillin or even erythromycin are a couple of the antibiotics that may be prescribed.

Occurrence Dry drowning is ordinarily an end result of the 'laryngospasm' which usually happens because of an involuntary contraction of the laryngeal cords. The actual laryngeal cords tend to shrink when they detect water, or any kind of liquid arriving in, which leads to a momentary blockage of oxygen stepping into the lungs. Therefore, even a near-drowning occurrence might result in dry drowning and death, as a result of the laryngeal cords compacting when even the smallest amount of water tries to move into the particular lungs.

When the Larynx Closes Alone, the Entry of Oxygen Into the Lungs is Cut Off

Nevertheless, the heart carries on with the act of pumping blood in to the bronchi, as well as a little amount of blood vessels gets into the airspace in the bronchi. This results in the victim drowning in their own fluids or perhaps dying as a result of hypoxia. It is recognized as in which dry drowning is experienced within 1-24 hours after the water or liquid getting into the lungs.

Abruptness of Breath and Chest Pain

Having trouble breathing freely, even after the child has done swimming, is actually an important indication of water in the lungs and a symptom of the start of dry drowning. Kids experiencing upper body discomfort is quite unusual, which is also an important indicator of water being present in the lungs.

Causes Lungs could collapse due to blunt or an individual trauma to stomach during a medical procedure or in the event of an injury. Primary or quickly arranged pneumothorax occurs without any trauma due to the rupturing from the air-filled blisters (blebs) on the lung. Supplementary type is seen in people affected by underlying medical conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), tuberculosis. whooping cough, or even cystic fibrosis. Weighty smokers and also individuals who use leisure drugs are at a higher risk of developing this condition.

Homeopathy Bronchitis

Popular Home Remedy to Manage Cough is Chewing Ginger

Every night before going to bed, put a small piece of freshly cut ginger in your mouth, and chew it slowly and swallow the juice. Also, you can prepare a paste of ginger and honey, and use it whenever needed.

  • Painkillers: If you are suffering from throat pain, take a painkiller like aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • If you are suffering from coughing and scratchy throat problems during the night, the painkiller will also help with sleeping better.

Myrrh Gargle: Myrrh is antimicrobial and helps to soothe the particular mucous membranes. It has anti-inflammatory as well as pain killer effects. Add half a teaspoon of Myrrh to 2 cups of water and gargle with this particular answer. After gargling, swallow it. It is possible to repeat this 3 - 4 times a day, until you really feel better. Myrrh gargle features a cleansing effect helping in hacking and coughing up phlegm.

  • Marshmallow Leaf: This also makes an excellent throat infection remedy.
  • You can find this kind of leaf extract at most stores.
  • Marshmallow leaf can be taken in great shape to cure throat infections.
  • You can take it in tincture, infusion or capsule form.
  • Marshmallow Marshmallow roots and leaves contain a gummy substance called mucilage.
  • It is mixed with water to form a gel, which may be applied to the throat to reduce irritation.

Each lung is enclosed inside a sac called pleura, which is a double-membrane construction created by way of a smooth membrane called serous membrane. The external membrane layer of this structure is named parietal pleura and is attached to the chest wall, whereas the actual inner membrane is named the particular deep pleura, and it covers the lungs as well as the associated structures. The space between the two walls is called pleural cavity.

Mental Illness

Poor physical health is not the only reason behind occurrence of this cold sensation that causes shivering without fever. People suffering from emotional problems like anxiety disorders (panic attacks) could get this sudden cold feeling from time to time. Visible shivering is often considered as a body's natural response to fear resulting from anxious thoughts. Nervousness, dry mouth and a reduction in body temperature also accompany during anxiety disorders.

  • Food allergies are not very well-known in causing chest congestion; however, their impact is eminent in nature.
  • Increased levels of histamine in the lungs causes the individual to succumb to this trouble.
  • As histamine is produced in the lungs, the soft tissue become inflamed; thereby, restricting the airways.
  • Known to be a chemical in the body, histamine protects the body from infection; however, it can cause inflammation.
  • When you ingest the food item you are allergic to, the immune system reacts to the proteins in that food, treating them as harmful.
  • The body reacts by creating Immunoglobulin E (IgE) -- antibodies that defend it.
  • The production of IgE antibodies causes cells in the lungs to produce histamine.
  • There are some people who are allergic to milk and other dairy products.
  • They cause allergic asthma in an individual.

Lemon-Honey Tea: this is a Very Tasty and Natural Remedy for Dry Cough

Disect pot of water for two minutes. Include tea and boil for 2 more minutes. Strain it into a pot and add the juice of 1 lemon and a spoon of honey with it. Drink this preparation 3 - Four times a day. Lemon is a good source of vitamin c, and along with warm tea, your throat can recover faster. For kids suffering from dry scratchy throat, give only half cup of lemon tea two times a day.

Allergies: It is possible that you might experience scratchy throat and cough mostly during night because a drop in temperature during the night does not suit you. Certain disorders like low humidity, air pollution, and smoking; or irritants such as pollens or dust can be a trigger behind the particular throat irritation as well as cough. Hence, you need to figure out what you are allergic to, and avoid coming in contact with the allergen. You can take a great Nonprescription antihistamine for pointing to relief.

Strep Throat: this Condition is Due to Team a Streptococcus Microorganisms

Some of the signs and symptoms of strep throat are itchy throat, throat pain, red and swollen tonsils, fever, headache, fatigue, etc. With regard to treatment, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics just like penicillin or amoxicillin. Particular Otc painkillers can help to handle the pain and lower the fever. Particular home remedies such as gargling with salt-water, drinking lot of water, and also taking rest may help.

Unhealthy Eating Habits and Stressful Lifestyle Lead to Heart Diseases

To prevent fluid in bronchi and heart failure, cigarette smoking and excessive use of alcohol needs to be strictly avoided. Weight control is extremely important in this case; because obesity and lack of activity often give rise to congestive heart failure, either directly or indirectly. Neglecting the the signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, or coronary artery disease could seriously affect the health of a person. Those diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure need to control all of them with proper diet, regular exercise and medicines. Years of out of control high blood pressure or diabetes damage each the heart and blood vessels. Healthy lifestyle promotes healthy heart.

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