Congested Chest Bronchitis: Congested Chest Bronchitis

Congested Chest Bronchitis: Congested Chest Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis, an illness or other lung irritant causes the lung disease, which generally goes away within 10 days. In addition to these treatments, people with chronic bronchitis may also receive: The cough associated with acute bronchitis can survive for several weeks or months, but will usually improve as your bronchial tubes start to mend. Chronic bronchitis can increase your risk of acquiring a fresh lung infection, like a bacterial disease, which may make your symptoms more serious. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are both types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is a serious lung disorder that raises your risk of recurrent lung illness, cardiovascular disease, and death.

Bronchitis and Chest Congestion

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view, qi (the essential energy proposed to regulate someone's religious, psychological, mental, and physical health) circulates throughout the body on pathways called meridians. Source: (The Cochrane Library Issue 1, 2005) A study by The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine (Jobst) found that patients with regular acupuncture sessions demonstrated a decrease in using drugs to control bronchial symptoms, especially the use of steroids, which could cause extensive liver damage over a protracted period of time. Acupuncture treatment is a highly effective technique to increase the power of the defense mechanisms of the body, removing blockages that are internal to help restrain bronchial diseases safely and efficiently.

What to Do When a Cold Becomes Bronchitis?

Cough is a common cold symptom. But in case a cough lasts after the cold is gone, contact your physician. You also should tell the physician whether any actions or exposures seem to allow it to be worse, if you see any other unusual or distinct feelings, and if you cough up mucus. A persistent cough may be a sign of asthma. Causes for cough-variant asthma contain respiratory infections like a cold or influenza, dust, cold air, exercise or allergens. Bronchitis - sometimes called a chest cold - occurs when the airways in your lungs are inflamed and make a lot of mucus.

1 Hour - Bronchitis, Chest infection, etc (Isochronic Tones 452 Hz) Pure Series

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Acute Bronchitis

Sometimes the cough from acute bronchitis lasts for several weeks or months. However, a cough that does not go away may be an indication of another issue, such as pneumonia or asthma.

Is Chest Congestion the Same as Bronchitis?

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