• Coughing and Heart Diseases
    Coughing and Heart Diseases
    This is followed by the expulsion of air from the lungs at a high velocity.
  • Cough Variant Asthma Treatment
    Cough Variant Asthma Treatment
    The most common of medicines for asthmatics is albeuterol which is a bronchodilator, and comes as an inhalant to control coughs by clearing up one's lungs.
  • Dry Drowning in Infants
    Dry Drowning in Infants
    When we breathe, expansion of lungs takes place, which generates a negative pressure in the lungs.
  • Coughing After Quitting Smoking
    Coughing After Quitting Smoking
    You might have heard of the high lung capacity of athletes, singers, and musicians who use wind instruments.
  • Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious?
    Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious?
    On the other hand, asthma can be a disorder that develops when the airways from the lungs swell or perhaps get inflamed.
  • Causes of Fluid in the baby's Lungs at Birth
    Causes of Fluid in the baby's Lungs at Birth
    The trouble starts off once the child does not excrete the required amount of amniotic fluid from the lungs.
  • Phlegm in Lungs
    Phlegm in Lungs
    Belly breathing in helps prevent the lungs from contamination.
  • Broken Rib Symptoms
    Broken Rib Symptoms
    If the heart is unable to effectively pump blood through the lungs, the lungs may get filled with fluid.
  • Pneumonitis Vs. Pneumonia
    Pneumonitis Vs. Pneumonia
    Pneumonitis is a term that refers to lung tissue inflammation due to factors other than a microbial infection.
  • Breathing Exercises to Improve Lung Capacity
    Breathing Exercises to Improve Lung Capacity
    Most of us don't realize that we use less than 25% of the actual capacity of the lungs as we breathe.
  • Infant Bronchitis
    Infant Bronchitis
    Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder in which the air passages (bronchi) that connect the actual windpipe with the lungs get painful.
  • Coughing at Night
    Coughing at Night
    Cough is a mechanism by which the body is able to throw away unwanted particles that have entered the throat and the lungs.